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What is Outlive?

Suicide is currently the leading cause of death in young people aged 15-29 in India.The causes for suicides point at a complex combination for environmental factors like physical violence, emotional and sexual abuse, or exam stress.

Even though there isn’t one single cause for suicide, there are many ways to prevent it based on young people’s needs.

Outlive is an initiative of SangathThe Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy, and Quicksand, co-designed and implemented with young people. 

Talking about suicide is the first step towards preventing it

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How my friends, family helped me tide through suicide struggles

Deepti, 25

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Finding my own LGBTQ community helped heal my trauma

Om, 20

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On the outside I was successful, but I was struggling with suicidal thoughts

Sanya, 28

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You are not alone

Samvardhini , 18

We offer support and information on suicide prevention

Are you struggling to cope?

Identify signs that you may be struggling to cope, and find support

How can I cope with suicidal thoughts?

Strategies and resources when you’re experiencing thoughts of suicide

How can I cope after losing someone to suicide?

Understand grief and learn strategies on how you can support yourself when grieving

Our interventions


Youth advocacy

Outlive's youth advocacy programme empowers young people to prevent youth suicides by engaging with policy makers to change the system.

Learn more about the programme

Peer support

Outlive's peer support programme is training a network of youth volunteers to provide chat-based emotional support to their peers who are in distress or have thoughts of ending their lives.

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Latest from Outlive

Watch this space for new resources, volunteering opportunities and events.

Hope Through Action Festival

Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, New Delhi

Sep 10, 2022

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Outlive is a safe space for young people to express themselves on youth suicide. You can share your stories, volunteer or collaborate with us.

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